Future proofing your home in Auckland with a built-in central vacuum system

Installing a built-in central vacuum system in your home gives you a strong and convenient way keep your home clean and healthy. Central Vacuum Systems Ltd have installed thousands of system across Auckland for almost 20 years. .

Modern, healthy, powerful and healthy

A built-in central vacuum system is built into the walls of your home (just like plumbing pipes, water pipes and electrical wiring) and removes dirt and dust from your home by sending the debris through tubing installed inside walls to a collection power unit away from the living areas (e.g. to the power unit located in the garage). Inlets are installed on the walls in your home and a lightweight hose is used to vacuum dirt, dust and debris from living areas.

Why install a built-in central vacuum system?

A built-in central vacuum system is up to 5 x more powerful than a 'stick vacuum' and 3 x more powerful than a traditional 'pull around' vacuum system. A central vacuum system does not need recharging and does not exhaust the air that you vacuum straight back into your living areas.

A list of benefits can be found at our guide.

When is a built-in central vacuum system installed?

A central vacuum system is installed in two steps.

Step 1: The central vacuum piping is installed once the frames are up, roof is on and cladding commenced. This is around the same time as the plumber and electrician commence their installations.

Step 2: The final installation and commissioning occurs once the house is painted and flooring complete.

The cost of a central vacuum system?

The cost to install a central vacuum system installation depends on a number of factors.

Please see our price guide for further information.

For further information on installing a central vacuum system into your new home please get in touch.

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