There are a number of ways to

vacuum your home:

  • Central vacuum system

  • Stick vacuum

  • Robot vacuum

  • Traditional pull around vacuum


Each of these types of vacuums have benefits for you and your home but central vacuum systems are the only way to get a deep clean and keep your home healthy.

Benefits of a central vacuum system

Central vacuum systems have been around for over 60 years and have been installed in millions of homes around the world. What are the benefits some of the of a central vacuum systems?

  • A central vacuum system removes dirt and dust from the living areas of your home to the power unit usually located in the garage

  • A central vacuum system makes a home healthier as the vacuum does not exhaust smelly air back into the rooms you are vacuuming

  • A central vacuum system is up to 5 x more powerful than a ‘stick’ vacuum

  • A central vacuum system does not run out of battery in the middle of vacuum nor does it have an expensive battery that can deteriorate over time.

  • A central vacuum system comes with much longer warranties than ‘stick’ and portable vacuums (E.g. Beam have 5, 7 or 10 year warranties)

  • A central vacuum hose is light weigh and weighs approximately 2.7kg (a portable vacuum can be up to 7kgs)

  • A central vacuum system has a large bucket (15 litres) that only need to be emptied a few times a year