Central Vacuum Systems Ltd have installed thousands of central vacuum systems in Auckland.

New Homes

The best time to install a central vacuum system is during the build of your home. Central vacuum ducting is installed around the same time the electrician and plumber are completing their work. The final installation and commissioning of the system is undertaken once the home is completed (walls painted and flooring down). A quote can be prepared from a set of floor plans emailed to us.

Existing Homes

A central vacuum system can be retrospectively installed into 90% of existing homes. A site visit is under taken and plan is presented based on the most cost efficient and aesthetically pleasing method of installation. Retrospective installation normally does not require walls to be exposed as pipes are run behind cupboards and cavities. A quote can be prepared from a 30 minute site visit.


The location of vacuum inlets, kitchen vac-pans and power units can be changed during a home renovation for any brand of central vacuum system. Whether you are undertaking a major renovation or just moving a wall, we can assist you in altering the set up of your central vacuum system.