The Wally Flex.

Installing a Wally Flex into your bathroom, kitchen, laundry or even work shop makes everyday messy moments quick to clean up.

Simply un-hook the hose end and flick to turn on. The short hose stretches up to 4m.

Easy to install when building your new home, and can also be installed retrospectively.


Installing a Wally Flex into laundries where you need to clean the lint out of your drier, this makes it super easy and leaves no mess.


Installing a Wally Flex into a kitchen or scullery - crumbs are dropped on a daily basis and therefore a quick clean up is nice and easy.


Installing a Wally Flex into a bathroom is great for people with long hair, where it is dropped and needs a quick easy pick up.

For further information on installing a central vacuum system into your new home please get in touch.

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