Updated: Apr 6

Did you know you can install a central vacuum system into your business or commercial premises?

Over the years we have installed central vacuum systems into hospitals, pharmacies, hair dresses, offices, rest homes, child care facilities and recently car mechanics. Installing a central vacuum system into a business provides a convenient and powerful way to clean a large area. A built in vacuum system helps clean your commercial premises quickly and efficiently. Work areas are kept healthy by not recirculating the smelly air and particulates air back into the work areas. Check out the benefits of installing a central vacuum system. A central vacuum system installed into your commercial premises can also help drive efficiency.

Case Study In November 2021 we installed a Beam SC385 Platinum into the mechanical workshop at Bosch Anzac Automotive, in Browns Bay.

After the service or repair of a vehicle, the team at Anzac Automotive will clean your vehicle before you collect. Ash was looking for a way for his team to clean vehicles efficiently after the service or repair.

Working with Ash we designed a solution to add value to the process. We conveniently located an inlet centrally in the workshop so Ash and the team can efficiently clean the vehicles while they are in the mechanical bays. A hose was provided that reached all the bays. The system is operated with a switch located at the inlet so the techs can grab the hose and operate the system quickly.

The Beam Platinum range of central vacuums have ‘by-pass’ motors which makes them perfect for this type of application. In ‘by-pass’ motors, the working air is independent from the cooling air. A separate fan is used to direct cooling air over the armature and field windings. We find that this type of motor typically has a longer effective life. They also easy access to serviceable parts such as motor brushes.

To discuss the installation of a convenient and powerful central vacuum system into your business contact us on 09 478 8492 or info@centralvac.co.nz. See here for details on getting a quote for a central vacuum system.

Updated: Apr 6

When planning the installation of your central vacuum system one of the things to consider is the placement, style and colour of the inlet valves you will have on your wall. The inlets will be on your wall for many years.

Placement We usually recommend the inlets are installed at the same height of the power points (usually 330-350mm off the floor). Having the inlet at the same height as the power point looks good but also makes inserting the house convenient. When installing the inlet on the same wall as a light switch, we like to install the inlet directly below the light switch. The symmetry of having the inlet under the light switch helps blends the inlet into the wall. We have also installed inlets at knee height, shoulder height, on the floor and also the same height as light switches. It is your home and your choice.

Style The goal is to ensure that the central vacuum inlets robust but also aesthetically pleasing. Inlets are available in plastic, metal and even glass. We have installed > 10,000 inlets in new and existing homes in Auckland and our experience is that PVC plastic inlets will last the test of time and come in various styles.

Colour We recommend that the colour of the central vacuum inlet valves match the colour of the light switches and power points. This ensures that like the switches in your home, the vacuum inlets are conspicuous and are consistent with the colour theme throughout your home. The most comment colours we see are white (about 95% of homes), black and silver. We can paint the inlets any colour with the provision of a test pot / colour code.

To discuss the various styles and colours contact us on 09 478 8492 or info@centralvac.co.nz.